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Selection Criteria Revamp Service

Service Description

Selection criteria* drafting service, uses your existing documents and/or a completed STAR form.
This service could include the following:

  • Review selection criteria.
  • Ensure selection criteria has been adequately addressed to a high standard.
  • Provide advice about the hidden clues in selection criteria questions.
  • Review associated organisational documentation to find the hidden clues in selection criteria questions.
  • Provide advice on the most suitable responses to KSC as related to the job description, organisational documents and applicant’s career experience.
  • Communication related to KSC drafting process, using track changes or other relevant method.
  • Ensuring word count or page count is within the application requirements, editing, formatting and styling language to achieve this.
  • Coaching client through KSC response development process.
  • Re-writing and enhancing KSC ensuring correct style, grammar and spelling, logical flow, terminology and use of key action and descriptive words.
  • Liaising with Acorn Services Group career consultant on how to value-add to KSC.

Note: This service can also be adapted to include selection criteria.

Service Details

You provide: Your current or former resume, the relevant job advertisement and selection criteria*, together with completed draft responses to the selection criteria using the Acorn Services Group S.T.A.R. (Situation, Task, Action, Result) response technique guidelines.

We provide: A re-drafted, fully-formatted, value-added and greatly enhanced selection criteria.

Process: Additional feedback and information will be sought from yourself between the first and second draft processes, with a final selection criteria document provided in Microsoft Word format.

*also commonly referred to as Key Attributes or Core Competencies

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